Conflict Resolution

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Conflict within the workplace can have a major impact on staff morale and productivity.

Developing and maintaining positive relationships is critical within today’s diverse workforce, and at the heart of this sits conflict resolution.

This course teaches you how to unpack what creates conflict in the workplace, gain a strong insight into why people act the way they do, have empathy for difficult and diverse behaviours, grow your emotional intelligence, and be able to work among a range of communication styles.

You will be able to identify - and deal effectively - with difficult behaviours and situations through positive communication, active listening, and problem-solving skills.

As your understanding of your environment grows, you’ll continue to gain a better insight into why people act the way they do and have strong self-reflection skills so you understand how you personally deal with conflict.

Participants in this course attend for a range of reasons. Some have ongoing conflicts at home, work, or both and want to understand how to manage it better. Some find themselves in the middle of professional conflict and their workplace wants them to be able to unpack and resolve it. Some are moving into junior leadership or management positions and want to be prepared.

We encourage any working professional to consider attending this course, regardless of age or experience, as today’s workplace relies heavily on effective communication.

The ability to move past conflict and into collaboration is a priceless skill to have.

Who should attend?

Individuals at all skill levels who are seeking to learn how to deal with many forms of conflict in the workplace.


1 day

Study modes

Face-to-face, Live online



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