Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology/ Bachelor of Applied Innovation

Blended learning – on-campus and digital learning

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Crime and the ways societies and systems deal with it are ever-changing – especially in this technological era. With a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology/Bachelor of Applied Innovation double degree – unique to Swinburne – you’ll be able to position yourself at the very forefront of this dynamic sector.

In your criminal justice and criminology studies, you’ll learn about the causes of crime and how society – through police, courts, corrections systems and victim support services – responds. You’ll explore local and global criminality, traditional approaches and responses to crime, as well as emerging trends and practices, with a focus on technological and other scientific advances – such as artificial intelligence - which impact the sector.

You’ll then take your invaluable skills and knowledge to the next level through studies in applied innovation. Immersed in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment that draws heavily on real-world experience, you’ll be challenged and inspired to develop transformative solutions to the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Develop a strong innovation mindset as you hone leadership potential, sharpen analytical and strategic thinking and embrace a deeper level of human understanding – with the know-how to build a better tomorrow through innovation. You’ll also enjoy access to a broad array of business and industry partners in creating a comprehensive innovation project portfolio.

Upon graduation, career opportunities abound. Work in law enforcement, corrections, rehabilitation, victim support, or policy development. Expand your employability for roles in criminology that require innovation and human centred-design skills.

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Start dates

Hawthorn campus

  • Semester 1 - 27 February 2023
  • Semester 2 - 31 July 2023

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4 years full-time or equivalent part-time

Full-time, Part-time

VTAC codes

  • 3400212561 (CSP)
  • 3400212563 (IFP)