Where has my exam timetable gone?

The traditional exams that you will be used to sitting will be replaced with final alternative assessments. Therefore, exam timetables will no longer be used. For details on when your final alternative assessments are scheduled, visit your unit Canvas Shell.

Final assessment period errors

If you’re unsure about information regarding your final assessment period, don't panic. It may be an error in the system or it may be some other problem. So, the first step is to make sure what you're seeing is an error. 

Check your enrolment details 

This is the easiest way to check whether your units and scheduled final assessments (previously known as exams) match up. Double-check your enrolment record

Check whether your unit has a scheduled final assessment 

It may be that your unit doesn’t have a scheduled final assessment at all. Log in to your unit Canvas Shell for more information and contact your convenor if needed. 

What to do if an error has been confirmed 

Although rare, errors can occur. If you’ve identified a legitimate system error, please contact assessment@swinburne.edu.au immediately. Assessment errors are treated seriously, and you’ll be contacted as soon as possible. 

What to do if you identify a clash

Submit an Examination Clash Notification form to the Examination Unit. Swinburne will investigate your issue and notify you of an outcome. Contact assessment@swinburne.edu.au if a clash has arisen with your scheduled assessments in the final assessment period.

Trouble attending your final assessments 

Check your unit Canvas Shell to see if you will have final assessments. If you have final assessments, you must ensure you are available to complete all of your assessments. 

You must be available for the full assessment period and special assessment period. Do not book a holiday for these dates.

Illness and special circumstances

You can only miss a final assessment and be given an opportunity to sit at a later date under very special circumstances.

If you experience exceptional circumstances or are ill, check whether you are eligible to apply for special consideration or an alternate assessment arrangement.

These arrangements are for cases that meet specific conditions. If you have a disability or long-term health condition, you can apply for an equitable assessment arrangements.

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