The Smart Cities Research Institute team brings together expertise in urban environment design and management, transport and mobility solutions, new building infrastructure, and new distributed technologies for energy, water, waste and transport. 

Associate Members

Future spaces for living 

Program leader: Professor Jeni Paay

Participative citizens — Bridgette Engeler

Designing with users — Associate Professor Sonja Pedell

Understanding users — Dr Jill Bamforth

Sustainable behaviour — Dr Colin Gallagher

Understanding human mobility — Dr Jo Kuys

Interactive technologies Dr Alison De Kruiff

Data visualisation — Professor Chris Fluke

Emerging technologies in work and play — Dr John McCormick

Gamification and mixed realities — Dr Steven Conway

Monitoring cities — Professor Virginia Kilborn

Human computer interaction — Dr Karola von Baggo

Places for people — Professor Mark Taylor

New materials and robotics — Dr Gergana Rusenova

Design for wellbeing — Dr Stephanie Liddicoat

Humanitarian design — Dr Gregory Quinn

Future of work — Dr John McCormick

Public media spaces — James Berrett

Learning from past innovation — Associate Professor Flavia Marcello

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Future urban decision-making

Program leader: Professor Simone Taffe

Sustainable cities — Associate Professor Kurt Seemann

Urban resilience — Professor Niki Frantzeskaki

Climate change planning — Dr Megerssa Walo

Sustainable mobility design — Dr Ian Woodcock

Circular economy — Dr Matthew Parnell

Healthy liveable cities — Associate Professor Clare Dyson

Urban epidemiology — Dr Manoj Chandrabose

Urban ecology ethnography — Dr Aisling Bailey

Nature-based solutions — Dr Stephen Glackin

Active neighbourhoods and healthy workplaces — Dr Nyssa Hadgraft

Equitable thriving cities — Associate Professor Andi Nygaard

Urban econometrics — Dr Trevor Kollmann

Indigenous future knowledge systems — Dr Sam Edwards-Vandenhoek

Housing governance — Associate Professor Wendy Stone

Urban diversity and migration — Dr Iris Levin

Mobile phone storytelling — Dr Max Schleser

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Future urban infrastructure 

Program leader: Professor Richard Manasseh

Integrated infrastructure systems — Dr Scott Rayburg

Energy harvesting — Associate Professor Justin Leontini

Microgrid stability — Associate Professor Weixiang Shen

Water and food harvesting — Associate Professor Monzur Imteaz

Materials harvesting — Associate Professor Akbar Rhamdhani

Digital fabrication and procurement — Professor Jay Sanjayan

Robots in construction — Mr Daniel Prohasky

Innovative building procurement — Associate Professor Palaneeswaran Ekambaram

Innovative building processes — Mr Canhui Chen

Innovative construction materials — Associate Professor Pat Rajeev

Smart skins for smart(er) cities — Dr Mehrnoush Latifi

Urban information modelling — Professor Marcus White

Building information modelling — Dr Sungkon Moon

Precinct information modelling — Professor Patrick Zou

City information modelling — Professor Ryszard Kowalczyk

Decision-making on ambient data — Associate Professor Mahnaz Shafiei

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Future urban mobility 

Program leader: Professor Hussein Dia

Intelligent transport — Dr Chris McCarthy

Network management and control — Associate Professor Bao Quoc Vo

Asset management — Dr Siva Chandrasekaran

Technology, sensors, communications and control systems — Dr Jiong Jin

Enhanced personal mobility — Associate Professor Prem Jayaraman

Modelling and simulation — Dr Irene Moser

Large scale optimisation — Professor Denny Meyer

Gamification — Dr Andreea Molnar

Predictive intelligence, traffic forecasting, AI and data analytics — Associate Professor Kai Qin

Agent-based traffic simulation and behavioural modelling — Dr Nicole Ronald

Disruptive mobility — Dr Hadi Ghaderi

Urban air mobility — Dr Matt Ebbatson 

Low/zero emissions transport solutions — Dr Mehdi Seyedmahmoudian

End-to-end freight solutions — Dr John Hopkins

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