Swinburne Research Network

Who can request access?

The Research Network is designed to support Swinburne research-intensive groups (such as CAIA and CAS) and individuals who require more freedom of connections to and from the Internet. Individuals that are actively engaged in approved research projects that have non-standard access requirements can request access to the Research Network

How to request access

Before requesting access to the Research Network staff should discuss their access requirement with their Faculty's IT Clients Services support staff first. IT Security will then work with the CS team when assessing their requirements to ensure a suitable solution is adopted.

Eligible staff can request access to the Research Network by e-mailing servicedesk@swin.edu.au with their machine name, type, MAC address, location and contact details.

On the Research Network

Once approved, access will be assigned to your computer via its unique MAC address and a dedicated network port in your office.


Hosts on the Research Network have unrestricted outgoing access to the Internet. Inbound access from the Internet to hosts on the Research Network (e.g. user's machine) is provided upon request.


  • Access to Swinburne internal servers/services is restricted to standard resources only (e.g. Exchange, printer, phones, file shares...) and Swinburne's Internet facing services.
  • Access to all corporate networks is fully restricted.
  • Access to other internal Swinburne networks is restricted.
  • There will be an increased risks of hackings/attacks due to your hosts increased exposure to the Internet.
  • There will be an increased risks of hacking/attacks from other systems on Research Network

Note: All University policies relating to the use of computing facilities, including regulations on ethical and legal use of software and on-line services continue to apply to users of the Research Network.

Research Network Design

The Research Network is segregated from the rest of Swinburne corporate network and the Internet by network firewalls.

A simple logical diagram of Swinburne Firewall and network design.