Group leader

Research area Email
Professor Akbar Rhamdhani Advanced material refining; metals recycling and recovery from urban ores; thermodynamics; extractive metallurgy; solar metallurgy; astro metallurgy.

Core researchers

Research area Email
Associate Professor Justin Leontini Fluid-structure interaction; fluid mechanics; bluff-body wakes; flow-induced vibrations; linear and floquet stability; ocean wave power
Associate Professor Jamal Naser Industrial computational fluid dynamics; combustion; fluid mechanics; foaming modelling
Professor Geoffrey Brooks Steelmaking; aluminium and magnesium production; high temperature processes; solar metallurgy; extractive metallurgy; process metallurgy; astro metallurgy
Professor Richard Manasseh Fluid dynamics; wave energy (ocean wave power); bubble acoustic; inertia wave collapse; linear / nonlinear wave interactions

Adjunct Professors

Research area Email
Adjunct Professor Guy Metcalfe Chaos; non-linear dynamic systems; Lagrangian coherent structure
Adjunct Professor William John Rankin Pyrometallurgy; sustainability in metallurgy; minerals processing
Adjunct Professor John Grandfield Aluminium and magnesium casting technology; aluminium refining; tungsten and scandium metals
Adjunct Professor Mark Pownceby Geometallurgy; advanced materials characterisation; mineralogy and chemistry of minerals
Adjunct Professor Douglas Swinbourne Pyrometallurgy; non-ferrous metallurgy

Postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers

Research area Email
Dr Reiza Mukhlis High temperature processing
Dr Shuang Zhu Bubble acoustics
Dr Suneeti Purohit Alternative route for ironmaking
Sheikh Ahasan Ahammad Advanced numerical modeling of packed-bed combustion
Riyadh Fara Farhan Al-Attabi Functional electrospun nanofiber membranes
Mst Farhana Diba CFD modelling of packed bed combustion
Andrew Dix Wave action Interactions in internal combustion engines
Azam Dolatshah Sea-ice drift: experiments, field observations and direct numerical simulations
Elmira Fadaeiazar Wind and wave induced turbulence in the upper ocean
Dhefaf Raisan Faisal CFD modeling of microfoam
Warnakulasooriya Dinoja Sammani Fernando  Design and CFD Analysis for Bio-char and Energy Producing Furnace 
Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Thermodynamics of Ta and Ru during e-waste processing in copper smelting
De'vereux Harvey Modelling particle trajectories in wave-induced currents when influenced by marine structures 
Heenatimullage Don Jason Shenal Heenatimulla  Analysis of sound from foaming in gas injection process
Matthew Humbert  Production of oxygen and metals from lunar minerals through molten oxide electrolysis 
Isis Rosa Ignacio Sinter mineralogy and properties
Chinthaka Ravinatha Jacob Gas transport during high-frequency ventilation
Rohini Vasant Kadam Sound signal for controlling steelmaking process
Poom Kettalard Effect of alloying elements on the properties of shape memory alloy
Shanti Krishnan Investigation into dark matter detector instrumentation
Ka Ho Leung A detachable heat exchanger for air and cooling/heating medium
Shirleen (Lee Yuen) Lo Stochastic modelling of biomass supply chain
Aulia Qisthi Mairizal Mobile recycling facilities for urban ores (e-waste)
Negar Mohammadhosseini Flow-induced vibration of multiple bodies
Deddy Chandra Nababan Rare earth metals recovery from batteries and permanent magnets
Sasikala Narasimman Steep wave interation with a floating body in SPH 
Luke Weiwei Ngu Technoeconomic analysis of natural gas sweetening plant
Bintang Ayu Nuraeni Valuable metals recovery from electric vehicles batteries
Nastaran Rezaee Numerical studies of the flow particles in the microscale foams
Md Mamunur Roshid Coupled oscillations of array bubbles
Asywendi Rukini Reduction of lead blast furnace slag using alternative reductant
Nirmal Madhavanpillai Sajeevkumar Multi-zone kinetic model of oxygen steelmaking
Satish Samayam Investigation of local currents induced by an oscillating wave energy converter
Abd Al Hamid Sarhan Numerical simulation of froth flotation
Matthew Shaw Processing of lunar regolith for metal extraction
Phil Chan Siew Thong  Smart flow control in adaptive vent/duct 
Uzair Bin Tahir  Mathematical model for the conversion of ocean wave energy to electrical energy 
Danica Tothova Optimization of wave energy converters in single and array configurations
Robin Vanparys Fundamentals of direct reduction in the lead blast furnace
Yuankun Zhang Heat transfer modelling of solar furnace

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