During the transition to adulthood, health inequities may become entrenched, and young people in disadvantaged areas experience relatively poorer health than the wider population. 

Addressing health inequities upstream is critical to reducing them, with social enterprise gaining recent attention as one vehicle for doing this. 

This Australian Research Council Linkage project contributes to a much-needed evidence base for understanding if, and if so, how, social enterprises redress social determinants of health inequities among young people. In partnership with VicHealth, Social Traders and Foundation for Young Australians, and with the participation of four case study organisations, the project examined the impacts of social enterprises on social determinants of health for young people, the conditions under which positive impacts are likely to occur, and the implications for effective design of social enterprises and public policy. 

Project timeframe

November 2017 – November 2020

Research team

In partnership with Vic Health, and Social Trader, Foundation for Young Australians

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