In Summary

  • Four new academics to drive research and teaching in built environment
  • Architects and engineers support new hybrid programs
  • Providing holistic preparation for industry practice

The Department of Architecture and Industrial Design welcomes four new academics to their diverse interdisciplinary team. The architects and engineers will accelerate research and support teaching in hybrid built environment courses for architectural engineers, architects/urban designers and interior architects.

“With many established courses of architecture and architectural design in our region, programs that are holistic in their preparation for practice are required,” says Professor Jane Burry, Dean of Design.

“This isn’t just about design. It’s about the practice of practice, working closely with other disciplines, in different roles, to realise projects. This approach creates graduates who look to the future of practice and find better ways of doing things,” she adds.

“The most critical questions facing the world in the next fifty years are strongly linked to the record growth in the built environment. The need for unprecedented construction targets for buildings and infrastructure comes at a time when climate change and loss of biodiversity presents an urgent need to radically change the way we do almost everything,” says Professor Burry.

Dr Ian Woodcock, the new Director of Urban Design, is an architect with over thirty years of experience across teaching, research and practice. His studios in urban design and architecture engage students with industry, on topical design research, recognising the urgency of transitioning to low-carbon cities.

Dr Ian Woodcock, Director of Urban Design at Swinburne‌Dr Ian Woodcock, Director of Urban Design at Swinburne.

“Through the introduction of architectural engineering, we are looking to educate students who embody the conceptual approach and design sensibility of an architect and the technical rigour and theoretical can-do of a problem solving engineer. Architectural engineering is fundamental to the sustainability of the planet, by making buildings lighter. Work on new lightweight structures is a key component of the Swinburne Architectural Engineering course,” Burry says,”creative and sustainable management of air, daylight, temperature and sound is another”.

Dr Gregory Quinn, Discipline Coordinator for Architectural Engineering is developing new computational techniques to create lightweight architectural structures.

Dr Gregory Quinn, Discipline Coordinator for Architectural Engineering‌Dr Gregory Quinn, Discipline Coordinator for Architectural Engineering.

“Considering new material systems to replace current paradigms that result in ever increasing carbon emissions is also an important part of this work,” explains Professor Burry.

Dr Sascha Bohnenberger-Fehr teaches construction technology, future fabrication and creative design processes. He is Managing Director of Bollinger Grohmann Engineers in Melbourne, specialising in structural engineering, façade engineering and sustainable design. His research investigates complex geometries and material systems, and how to effectively communicate and collaborate with engineers and architects.

Dr Sascha Bohnenberger-Fehr, Lecturer Architectural Design‌Dr Sascha Bohnenberger-Fehr, Lecturer Architectural Design.

“The School of Design sits in the Faculty of Health Arts and Design and the interdisciplinary connections across and outside the faculty are active and critical to who we are. The strong research axis in design for human health and wellbeing is an important education stream in the new architecture suite,” says Professor Burry.

Dr Stephanie Liddicoat – Ocampo, Lecturer - Architectural Design‌Dr Stephanie Liddicoat – Ocampo, Lecturer - Architectural Design.

Dr Stephanie Liddicoat - Ocampo, Lecturer in Architectural Design runs her own design and research consultancy, LiddicoatDesign. Her research investigates how the built environment supports wellbeing in hospital settings and mental health service environments.

Dr Stephanie Liddicoat- Ocampo, Dr Sascha Bohnenberger-Fehr , Dr Gregory Quinn and Dr Ian Woodcock.Dr Stephanie Liddicoat- Ocampo, Dr Sascha Bohnenberger-Fehr , Dr Gregory Quinn and Dr Ian Woodcock.

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