Dr Ian Woodcock

Senior Lecturer & Course Director Urban Design

Profile image of Ian WoodcockThe designer who made the phrase ‘sky-rail’ a household term in Melbourne.

With over 30 years’ experience in teaching, research and practice, Ian has worked with community, government and private sector clients and industry partners.

Take a look around you, and you’ll see the impacts of Ian’s research. The effect of his contribution to elevated rail is evidenced by the adoption of 'sky-rail' for many grade separation projects in Melbourne since 2016.

With Ian, you’ll draw on experience and experiment as much as you will academic theory and research. In his studio-based teaching and lectures, you’ll learn to make sophisticated and much-needed contributions to transform increasingly complex and fast-growing cities into sustainable urban environments.

Ian’s sense of urgency in creating low-carbon cities through land use and transport integration is as vital as it is contagious. As is his desire to better understand the needs of people to provide more responsive architecture that is relevant to their everyday lives. Much of his work uses participatory design approaches and community engagement.

Through his cutting edge research, he’s making a difference to policy and practice. He’s passionately engaged in finding ways to improve Australia’s (and other countries’) ‘dispersed’ cities – through better forms of sustainable transport integration with urban design. Whether that be through understanding the potential impacts of driverless cars on urban places or developing alternative scenarios to car-led urban futures. His future is a bright, better-connected one, and he’ll help make yours the same.

“Having worked in multi-disciplinary situations while in practice, my teaching blends my experience as a designer working in collaboration with engineers, artists, theatre-makers, planners and project managers, with experience in community engagement, development and activism,”