To apply for a short-term exchange program, you’ll need to submit an application to Swinburne Abroad.

Step 1

Check to confirm that you meet eligibility requirements for the short-term exchange program.

Students must meet the following:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Swinburne
  • Have completed at least 50 credit points in your current program (not including any exemptions or RPL)
  • Have at least 50 credit points remaining in your current program at the completion of your short-term exchange program (exceptions to this may be possible only with Course Director approval)
  • Have achieved a minimum academic average of 60%. Please contact a Swinburne Abroad Adviser if you fall below this.
  • International students studying at Swinburne are eligible for the short-term exchange program but you may need to comply with additional conditions of the host university.

Step 2

Obtain a copy of your course planner:

Download your course planner

Step 3

Research where you’d like to go from the list of available programs

Does the short-term exchange program offer subjects in your major? If not, do you have electives/component units you could use?

Step 4

Refer to the Academic Information section for each program to make sure you understand how many credits you’ll need to complete overseas.

Step 5

Create your Study Plan application document

You’ll need to have your Study Plan approved and signed off by your academic Course Director.

You can find out who this is below:

Faculty Health, Arts and Design
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

If you need assistance determining if you can fit an exchange semester in your degree you can make an appointment to see a Course Advice Specialist. Course Advice Specialists can also approve electives in your study plan.

Swinburne Online students should contact for approval and assistance with course planning.

If you need help, or have questions about how to complete your Study Plan document, contact a Swinburne Abroad team member.

Step 6

Submit your Study Plan application document to Swinburne Abroad to formally apply for your program.

Step 7

Your application will be assessed by Swinburne Abroad and if successful, you’ll be sent an offer for the short-term exchange program. Swinburne Abroad will nominate you to the host university.

Step 8

You’ll be sent instructions on how to complete and submit your application to the host university directly.

Step 9

The host university will notify you of the outcome of your application. If you are successful, you’ll then complete all of the pre-departure requirements including things like flights, insurance, enrolment and any additional paperwork.

Step 10

Pack your bags and get ready for your short-term exchange adventure!

Need assistance?

Our friendly and well-travelled Swinburne Abroad team can help answer any questions about our short-term exchange programs and submitting your application.

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