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Student achievement awards

Swinburne has been encouraging greatness in our students since the establishment of the Student Achievement Awards in 2004.

Our motto is factum per littera (achievement through learning). We believe that a practical, industry-focused education is the best foundation for our students to build a career on.

We also understand that sometimes things happen in life which make attending classes, completing homework or handing in an assignment too difficult. With the generous support of our alumni and donors, we have been able to establish the Student Achievement Awards.

The awards recognise students who, despite hardship, have kept up with their studies at Swinburne. They provide students with a one-off award of $1000 to help ease the burden of hardship and encourage them to keep studying.

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Stories from our students

Student Achievement Awards can transform lives and have profound impact on the recipients. Here are just a few stories that demonstrate the power of these awards. Read more stories.


"The award significantly helped with my day-to-day expenses, especially with paying rent. It helped me focus and perform well in my studies because I was not as stressed by my financial position. I cannot thank you enough for your consideration and support.'


'My name is Marcus and 8 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare degenerative condition called Friedreich's ataxia. Due to the decline in my health I was forced to cease my employment as an electrician of 15 years and face six months of unemployment.

'After 300 applications and 25 interviews, I landed a entry-level administrative role with Victoria Police. Once I had secured the new role I chose to take on the confronting task of retraining through Swinburne and taking criminology majors. As I had not really studied since high school, it was a daunting task, but I believed I was up for the challenge.

'The award I received has helped take the edge off the financial hit to my family (I have two girls, aged two and four). For this, my family and I would like to thank you all for your generous support. My goal in the future is to complete my studies and use my new qualifications to obtain a higher-paying role that will enable me to better support my family.

Felicity, Student Achievement Award recipient

Receiving this award has helped me both financially and mentally

Felicity, Student Achievement Award recipient