Find a job

Whether you’re looking for some extra income while you study, or you’re ready to launch your new career, we can help you find a job.

Part-time, casual and full-time jobs

View the latest job vacancies by logging into SwimEmploy. As well as casual jobs, we also list full-time and graduate roles and some internships.

Graduate roles and recruitment programs

If you’re looking for a graduate position, check out the Graduate Opportunities 2019 guide. It includes career advice, industry snapshots, employer profiles, professional associations and career contacts. Most graduate employers recruit up to a year in advance, so the earlier you prepare the better.


Effective networking will help you access the 'hidden' job market – the huge number of vacancies that are never advertised. It's important to develop and practise a professional elevator pitch, which you can use to introduce yourself easily and positively to new contacts. To find a step-by-step Elevator Pitch Builder, log in to SwinEmploy, click 'My Career Toolkit' under 'Resources' and mouse over 'My tools'.

A polished LinkedIn profile will also help you to connect with professionals in your industry. Find out how to be an effective networker on SwinEmploy

Global job opportunities

Working overseas can be a priceless experience and an attractive addition to your résumé. Swinburne subscribes to the GoinGlobal jobs database. Explore this website for opportunities in a range of countries, as well as guides to working overseas.

You can also access international job opportunities on the Jobs section in My Career Toolkit

Start your own business

Starting your own business can be a great way to learn some important skills and stand out from other graduates. You can find resources on being self-employed in SwinEmploy.

Gain professional experience

Aside from a job, there are many other ways you can increase your experience, skills and employability.