Explore your career options

In today’s job market, it’s important to explore and create multiple career opportunities based on your studies and interests. Careers and Employability offer a range of tools and resources to help you design, test-drive and pursue your different career options.

Understand yourself

Adopting the following mindsets will assist you to identify your personal values, life aspirations and to see how these align with your potential career options:

  • Curiosity – explore with an open mind
  • Collaboration – ask for and offer support
  • Action – get involved and try things
  • Growth – embrace new challenges and learn from all experiences.

Access SwinEmploy and My Career Toolkit to explore the full range of self-assessment tools and resources you can use to build a clearer picture of yourself and the career actions that will give you an edge.

You can also book a confidential appointment with one of our career advisers to discuss strategies for designing and pursuing potential career paths.

Understand the world of work

Check out different career paths and how can use your qualification to get you there. Learn how to read employment trends and how best to build professional and personal networks effectively. 

Career paths and labour market research

You will find different career paths related to your course in the Swinburne Course directoryMyfuture and Graduate Careers Australia are also useful sites for finding links between your study and different occupations. 

Understanding the labour market will help you choose a career path that takes you where the jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities will be in the future. Check out the government's Job Outlook resource, the Australian Jobs report and the Australian Skills Shortages pages.


Building, contributing to and using professional and personal networks is essential for career success. By simply following your interests and getting involved with different groups you can test some of your career ideas, learn valuable things about yourself, find ‘hidden’ opportunities, and demonstrate your personal and professional abilities to others. Tips and tools to get you started are available on SwinEmploy and My Career Toolkit.

Joining a professional association relevant to your chosen occupation will open up new opportunities for networking and professional development. You will also show potential employers that you are serious about your career path.  

Global experience

Gaining experience overseas is a great way to discover and build on your interests while developing skills that are attractive to employers. Access GoinGlobal to research different countries and potential opportunities you can pursue. You might also consider study abroad and placement/internship opportunities as part of your studies.