Explore your career options

Our Careers and Employability Team and SwinEmploy have a wealth of career resources. These will help you set career goals, research labour markets and industries you are interested in, and assess your own skills and values.

Understand the world of work

Discover your career path, how your qualification can get you there, whether employment in your industry is growing, and help you learn to network effectively by making contact with influential people in your chosen profession. 

Career paths and labour market research

To find some of the career paths available to you, look up your course in the Swinburne Course directoryMyfuture and Graduate Careers Australia will also help you research where your particular field of study could take you. 

Understanding the labour market will help you choose a career path that takes you where the jobs will be in the future. Check out the government's Job Outlook resource and its Australian Jobs report.


Effective networking will help you access the 'hidden' job market – the huge number of vacancies that are never advertised. It's important to develop and practise a professional elevator pitch, which you can use to introduce yourself easily and positively to new contacts. To find a step-by-step Elevator Pitch Builder, log in to SwinEmploy, click 'SwinEmploy+' under 'Resources' and mouse over 'My tools'.

A polished LinkedIn profile will also help you to connect with professionals in your industry. Find out how to be an effective networker on SwinEmploy

Professional associations

Professional associations uphold standards in an industry or occupation and look after the interests of their members. Joining a professional association relevant to your chosen occupation will open up new opportunities for networking and professional development. You will also show potential employers that you are serious about your career path.  

Global experience

Working overseas or experiencing other cultures can help you build skills that are attractive to employers. You can do this by taking part in global programs such as the Scanlon Swinburne Intercultural Fellowship, Virtual Internship, Industry Study Tours and Global Citizen. Contact us for more details or read about working in other countries and find job opportunities at GoinGlobal (log in to SwinEmploy to access).

Understand yourself

What are your own values and will they affect which kind of industry or company you choose to work for? Do you have the skills for the career you want to pursue, or is there room for improvement? Take some time to assess your motivations and working style with a selection of career assessment quizzes available on SwinEmploy.

You can also book a free appointment to undergo a more formal career assessment with one of our career advisers.