Census dates

 The census date is the last date in each teaching period you can:

  • withdraw from your course or individual units without financial liability
  • complete and submit your 'Request for Commonwealth Support' (i.e. any HELP loan application) forms
  • pay part or all of your student contribution or tuition fees upfront (if applicable)
  • provide your Tax File Number (TFN).

It is your responsibility to know when the census dates are for each teaching period and to make payments or submit documents in time.

Penalties apply for making changes to your enrolment, making payments and submitting documents after the relevant census date. 

Check the census dates on the Academic Calendar or on your Statement of Account and Tax Invoice by logging in to My Financials.

Higher education students are liable for fees after the census date, and will also incur an academic penalty (fail grade) after the academic penalty date. To see your academic penalty dates, check the academic calendar.

How to withdraw from a unit/s or your whole course

If you need to withdraw from your unit/s or course, there are slightly different processes in each case: