Course transition for Open Universities Australia students

If you’re an Open Universities Australia (OUA) student and want to change, or transition, from your current course to a newer version, we can help.

Swinburne continually reviews its courses and units to take into consideration academic and industry outcomes, and most importantly, student feedback. As a result some of our courses are updated over time. The following information will help you to decide if you wish to transition into a later version of your degree. 

Key points:

  • Degree changes normally occur as a result of change in the course structure. This might mean any academic credit (Advanced Standing) awarded under your current course structure will be treated according to our Advanced Standing rules. Your previous units and/or academic credit might not be recognised under the new course structure and may result in you needing to complete more compulsory units.
  • To help you in your decision-making process, Transition Plans are provided below for all Swinburne degrees currently available for admission through OUA.
  • Transitioning to a later version of a Swinburne OUA degree is normally available for 6 - 12 months after the course changed. If your course is no longer available for transition you will need to apply through OUA for admission into the new course and also withdraw from your current course. 
  • It is your responsibility to check the OUA website to confirm study periods, prerequisite units and fees.

Courses available for transition

The only degree currently available for transition is the Master of Arts (Applied Statistics) and the only change is to the course title:

Current course title Course title for students admitted from Study Period 1, 2018
Master of Arts (Applied Statistics) Master of Applied Statistics
Graduate Diploma of Arts (Applied Statistics) Graduate Diploma of Applied Statistics
Graduate Certificate of Arts (Applied Statistics) Graduate Certificate of Applied Statistics

Course transition plans

Transition plans provide you with the course structure, rules and unit information for each different student group. Each column lists the requirements by year of intake and each row relates to the same, or the equivalent/replacement unit. In the plan, you can see how a unit (or its equivalent/replacement) sits within each course option.

If you were admitted into a Swinburne degree after 2014 these plans will help you identify how the units you previously completed transition across into the later course. You may also be awarded electives based on other units you have completed.

Undergraduate course transition plans

Postgraduate course transition plans

Help for OUA students

If you need help understanding the implications of the changes and your specific study plan requirements, contact Swinburne's studentHQ, or speak with a Course Advice Specialist.