Degree information for Open Universities Australia (OUA) students

Degree planners

The OUA degree planners below are designed to help you identify which subjects you still need to complete in order to be eligible to graduate by showing you:

  • Your degree structure and course rules.
  • All subjects compulsory to your degree (For undergraduate degrees, this includes all majors, co-majors and minors applicable to your degree).
  • Which subject codes or titles have changed.
  • Which of your subjects have been replaced over time, and which subjects replaced them.
  • What non-Swinburne subjects are accredited to your degree (if any).
  • Which of your subjects are now in teach-out phase and, if applicable, the study period and year that the subject will be offered for the last time.

In some cases the OUA degree planners below show how the subjects in your current degree are aligned with the subjects in the newer version of the degree.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you download the degree planner applicable to the year you were officially approved for admission into your degree. If you are unsure of the year you were approved for admission, you can check this in your study plan in eStudent by clicking on your degree code.

Undergraduate OUA degree planners

Updated in November-December each year.

2010 - 2014 intakes

2015 - 2016 intakes

2017 - 2019 intakes

Postgraduate OUA degree planners

Updated in November-December each year

Please note that all postgraduate degree planners comprises degree structure information on the Master, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate levels where applicable

2010 - 2014 intakes

2015 - 2016 intakes

2017 - 2019 intakes

2020 intake

Degree changes

Swinburne degrees are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they continue to provide the most up-to-date and industry-relevant curriculum. If a degree changes, and you are admitted into that degree, you have the option of either staying in your original degree or change to ('transition to') the later version of the degree. 

The following changed degrees are available to transition into:

Original course title New course title
Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) Bachelor of Psychological Sciences*

*Students who are admitted into the Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) prior to 2017 and who have not completed both PSY30009 Social Science (final offering SP3 2018) and STA20007 Multivariate Statistics (final offering SP1 2019) MUST transition to the Bachelor of Psychological Sciences in order to be eligible to graduate.

If you wish to transition, you can apply by completing the online OUA Degree Transition Application form to change your enrolment. All subjects completed during your original degree will contribute to the new degree, and you won't have to repeat already-completed subjects.

Help for OUA students

If you need additional help understanding which subjects you still need to complete, please contact Swinburne's studentHQ, or speak with a Course Advice Specialist.