Collect your ID card

Your Swinburne student ID card gives you access to services and facilities on Swinburne campuses. It's also your library card and identification for exams. 

You can collect your student ID from studentHQ, on any campus, once you've enrolled in your course.

When you collect your student ID, make sure you bring photo identification, such as a passport or driver's licence, along with you. You can use your Centrelink or Medicare card if you don't have any photo identification.

If you're a Swinburne student who is studying all your units online, contact studentHQ to get your ID card. A student ID card, without a photo, will be sent by mail when your enrolment has been completed. 

Swinburne Online students

If you're studying through Swinburne Online, contact your student liaison officer to get your student ID card. A student ID card, without a photo, will be sent by mail when your enrolment has been completed. 

Open Universities Australia students

Open Universities Australia (OUA) does not issue student ID cards. Swinburne does, however, issue ID cards to OUA students. Once your enrolment is completed you may request a student ID card, without a photo, and it will be mailed to you.

Replacing your student ID card

To make sure no one can borrow anything on your card, let the library know as soon as possible if your student ID card has been lost or stolen. You're responsible for everything that is borrowed on your card. 

You can get a replacement card from studentHQ. If you lose your card, you need to pay $40 to replace it. If your card was stolen, we'll waive the replacement fee if you can provide us with a police report or statutory declaration. 

If your student ID card has expired, you can get a replacement card from studentHQ for free. 

Your student number won't change even if your enrolment details change or if you've completed previous study with Swinburne and are returning to study with us again. 

Once you have received the replacement card, the system will update overnight and your card and access will be ready to use the following day.

Head coverings in photos

You can wear a head covering in your student ID photo for religious reasons but we need to see clearly both edges of your face and from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead. 

Contact studentHQ if you have questions or concerns about our requirements. We use the Australian Government passport photo guidelines for ID card photos. 

Public transport concession cards

Eligible students are entitled to concession fares on board all train, tram and bus services with a PTV Tertiary Student ID