The Multi Faith Centre on Hawthorn campus provides faith rooms suitable for prayer, meditation and reflection. It can be used for group or individual prayer, or simply serve as a place for quiet thought. This facility is here for people of all faiths or with no faith.

We also have Interfaith, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish chaplains at the center providing spiritual care for all, irrespective of belief. We encourage diversity and practice mutual respect and expect all people who use the facilities to respect difference.


Swinburne Multi Faith Centre 
Level 3, The George Swinburne Building.
34 Wakefield Street Hawthorn.

Opening hours

The Multi Faith Centre is open from 5am–11pm, seven days a week.  


For any enquires, feel free to contact

Our team of Chaplains are here to support you if you're looking for spiritual carer, community, connection or simply a conversation.

The team encourages the search for meaning, respectful dialogue between differing faiths and beliefs, and supports spirituality, faith and healthy religion.

Darren Cronshaw (Rev Dr.)

Darren is a chaplain to the wider community of students and staff. He particularly supports international students and post graduate students and researchers, supporting them and their extended families irrespective of faith or belief. He regularly visits the Hawthorn campus and is available on a 'drop-in' basis or you can contact him via email or phone.

+61 3 9214 8489 and +61 4 38 136 287

Bagoes Seta (Rev)

Bagoes is a chaplain to all students and particularly available to international and migrant students. He is fluent in Indonesian. He occasionally visits the Hawthorn and Wantirna campuses. He is available by appointment.

+61 3 9214 8489

Rashid Mohammed (Imam)

Rashid is chaplain to Muslim students. He occasionally visits the Hawthorn campus. He is available by appointment.

+61 3 9214 8489

Jessica Cheung (Rev.)

Jessica is fluent in Cantonese. She particularly supports international students. Jessica occasionally visits the Hawthorn campus and is available by appointment. If you want to find people of your own language group or locate a church with a similar background contact Jessica.

+61 3 9214 8489 and +61 4 03 380 837

The Multi Faith Centre is located on level 3 of the George Swinburne building, 34 Wakefield Street Hawthorn. There is easy lift access to the center. 

  • Faith Rooms GS 308 and GS 305 are suitable for traditional Muslim prayer practices for men and women and are supported by the Imam chaplain. 
  • Faith Rooms GS 302 and GS 310 are available for booking for all faith related activities.
  • Faith Room GS 303 is a ‘bare foot’ room that includes a permanent meditation space that is available for all. It is also available for booking for faith related activities.
  • Faith Room GS 307 is small quiet room (opposite the lift) that is available for mediation and prayer at all times.

Spiritual clubs and societies

We also have a range of spiritual clubs and societies on campus. If you’re looking to join a group with others who share your faith, get in contact with one that suits.

Wanting to speak to a Chaplain?

Make an appointment to speak to a Chaplain using our booking system.

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