Set up wi-fi on your laptop, tablet and phone

Setting up wi-fi access for when you are on campus is easy for all devices.

Swinburne uses a secure wireless network called eduroam.

The quickest way to connect to eduroam is to use the XpressConnect wizard.

XpressConnect wizard

XpressConnect wizard sets up your device for you once you agree to the terms and conditions.

You’ll also need your Swinburne email address, which must be in the format (your username is your student number).

When you’re ready to get online and know your Swinburne email:

  1. Go to the XpressConnect wizard.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Enter your SIMS ID username and password. 
  4. Follow the installation wizard instructions.

If you are on campus and within wi-fi range, you will now be connected to eduroam and able to browse online.

Repeat these steps for each device you want to connect.

Ask a rover

Rovers operate from the library on Hawthorn campus. If you can't use the connection wizard or are having trouble, rovers can help you set up your wi-fi connection.

Rovers are available 9am–6pm Monday to Thursday, 9am–5pm on Fridays and 12.15pm–5pm on weekends.