Access student systems

Student systems are the web tools you use for many of your interactions with Swinburne. 

Here’s how to get access to the systems you'll need to use most often.

Note: use of Swinburne IT systems is subject to the Acceptable Use Guidelines. Breaches are serious, and may result in disciplinary action. 

For more information about managing your details online see our help guide ‌My Details: How to manage your student details online [PDF 990KB].

Generate your password

First, go to password management to generate your password (you’ll need your student ID – if you don’t already know it, this will be in your offer letter).

The password you have just made is the password for your SIMS ID/username.

The terms ‘student ID’ and ‘SIMS ID’ mean the same thing. The combination of your SIMS ID or student ID number plus the password you just made will sign you into most systems.

Current students page and Student One

Signing in from the 'Current students' page logs you in to Student One and your student email all at the same time. Click the Blackboard button to sign in to iLearn.

You will need to access Student One to manage and access your:

  • enrolment
  • study plan
  • timetable
  • fee payments
  • personal details
  • exam timetables
  • results
  • HELP loan repayments
  • graduation bookings

You sign in using your student ID and password. Use this same combination of username and password to sign in to individual tabs within Student One (i.e. 'My Financials', 'My Enrolment').

Learning Management Systems: Blackboard and Canvas

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online tool for accessing study materials, submitting assignments and staying informed about your units. We are currently transitioning from one LMS (Blackboard) to another (Canvas).  

During our transition in 2018, your units may be available on Blackboard, Canvas or both. From Semester 1 2019, Canvas will be the only LMS used at Swinburne.

Learning Management Systems are used for:

  • accessing textbook lists and class notes
  • submitting assignments
  • receiving notifications from your teachers
  • studying and completing assignments online
  • participating in discussion forums
  • collaborating with other students

You can sign into both Blackboard and Canvas using your SIMS ID/username and password.

Echo360 ALP

Echo360 ALP (Active Learning Platform) is a tool in your Blackboard or Canvas LMS unit that gives you access to lecture recordings, learning resources and interactive activities.

Recording of lectures and tutorials by students granted reasonable adjustments

Students with disabilities may require reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning practices so that it is possible for them to participate in a unit. A possible adjustment might include being given permission to make audio recordings of classes.

Where students make audio recordings, they:

  • agree to use the recording solely for the personal purpose of studying or revising the material for the unit
  • agree not to record private conversations or personal and sensitive information about individuals
  • must not provide the recorded material (or transcripts of the material) to any other persons, unless they have the prior consent of the lecturer
  • agree not to publish recordings.

There may be circumstances where it is inappropriate to record teaching content (for example, where copyrighted material is used or there is a discussion where private information about individuals may be drawn out). Lecturers or tutors will ask students to stop or pause recording at these times.

Student email

It’s important to check your student email regularly because we use it for important notifications. If you don’t check in often, you may miss a key date.

Remote access

You can access your Swinburne network drive from home using your SIMS login. All network links are available via the Microsoft Network Access Panel.


Cloudstor is a large file transfer service available to Swinburne staff and students to share files up to 100GB in size.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Students who need to remotely access Swinburne resources can do so using our VPN. Install CISCO’s VPN software through the link below and login using your SIMS ID.

Software for students

Swinburne provides a variety of software resources on Swinburne computers and for home use, to assist you with your studies, including free access to Microsoft Office 365.