Meet the Professional Placements team transcript


XENIA HAYSOM: The Professional Placements team are a passionate group of people that believe in the value of the work that they do and the contribution that we can make for our students and also for our industry hosts.

HAMISH GEORGE: Professional Placements team works with Swinburne undergraduates and places them into work integrated learning opportunities from internships through to 12-month professional placements.

XENIA HAYSOM: Professional Placement team is here to help our students and also our industry partners. We work with our industry partners to identify needs that they may have and where our students might be able to assist in an organisation.

DANIELLE BRUHN: Professional Placements benefit students because it can help them decide whether what they're studying is right for them. It's a nice break away from sitting in a classroom every day to actually being able to apply what they're learning in a lecture theatre to the real world.

HAMISH GEORGE: The benefits of hosting a Swinburne student on placement is industry partners get to identify talent before their competitors.

XENIA HAYSOM: Our industry partners love our students because they bring an injection of new ideas and fresh perspectives into their organisation. Our students also have a really can do attitude so it enables our industry hosts to be able to develop new concepts or new ideas that they may not necessarily of thought of without the assistance of our wonderful students.

DANIELLE BRUHN: We have hundreds of organisations both in Australia and internationally that students have undertaken placements at. In a lot of instances our industry partners are so happy with the talent that they have found in these students that they actually offer them ongoing employment once they finish their placement.

HAMISH GEORGE: The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the relief on host organisation's faces when they have that extra resource come on board and really help them with the day-to-day operation of their business.

DANIELLE BRUHN: The most rewarding thing about my job is helping students take that first step in industry knowing that that first step that they take is going to help them for the next one and help build their career.

XENIA HAYSOM: One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is that I get to see the development of our students in helping to build up their career and for our industry hosts it’s being able to see the contribution that a Swinburne student can provide in an organisation.

We've got a lot of information online for students and also for our industry partners and we are more than happy to talk to anybody about the opportunities available.