Benefits of working with our students

Every year, hundreds of organisations across Australia benefit by working with Swinburne students.

Access the talent and skills of enthusiastic students

Students bring new perspectives, skills, talent and enthusiasm to your business. They can quickly become an invaluable member of your team or an essential part of your short-term project. Hosting a student is also a cost-effective way of gaining innovative solutions.

Discover graduate talent before your competitors

Placements provide an excellent way to discover graduate talent. Many organisations offer students permanent positions after graduation and find placements a convenient way to recruit graduates. It’s also a great way to test out a potential future employee.

Provide a student with a valuable learning experience

Your organisation will be part of a student’s education journey and help form the foundations for their future career.

Grow your network and promote your business as a great place to work

Partnering with Swinburne to host placement students will expose yourself to our educational and business networks.

By recruiting our students, you can promote your organisation to our student body as a great place to work. You can also promote your industry or profession as one that offers career satisfaction.

Drive your Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

Hosting placement students is a great initiative that supports your organisation’s efforts to improve social wellbeing through education.

Develop leadership and mentorship capabilities in your staff

Your staff can have professional development opportunities to mentor students and grow their leadership skills.

Harness the experience of our placement consultants and careers advisers

We value the opportunity to create long-term relationships with businesses and industry bodies. We want you to find high-quality employees year after year and to be thrilled at the solutions we can create for your business. We will consult with you to get the best fit for you and our students.

The Swinburne Advantage gives our students authentic workplace experiences. Watch the video to hear from our partners at Royal Children's Hospital and a professional placement student about the benefits of the program.

Connecting with Industry

Swinburne's annual Connecting with Industry event provides the opportunity for our industry partners to meet our best and brightest second-year professional degree students.