Human Resource Management

Employees are more mobile across their careers and with increased technology disruption across all industries and business functions, the role for human resources is growing increasingly critical within the workplace. There is a growing need to effectively manage people and organisations through transitions and changes to business. As a result, the ‘Demand for human resource professionals is expected to grow by almost 8,000 people over the next five years.’ (The future of work: Occupational and education trends in human resources in Australia, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics, March 2018).

Building a team with the right people is critical to the success of any business. The Master of Human Resource Management will equip you to develop core capabilities required to lead people effectively in a rapidly changing business environment.

When you complete the course, you will confidently navigate and lead change in any environment you find yourself in. That's the edge you owe yourself.

Who you are

You are a professional in the management of people and are looking to take that next step in your career in the areas of; Human Resources, People Development, Change Management, Organisational Development, Diversity, Training & Development and Talent Management.

Where it can take you

This course is for those looking to pursue senior level careers in human resource management and covers essential skills for your professional development and future career. The program gives strong emphasis on applying this knowledge in practical business environments to help progress your career to managerial and business partner positions in human resources and consultancy such as Director of Human Resources or Senior Consultant.

Courses Available:

Graduate Certificate of Human Resource Management
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of Human Resource Management (Advanced)
Master of Human Resource Management (Professional)

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