Research Seminars

The Swinburne Accounting Economics and Finance (AEF) group conducts an active and successful series of research seminars on a wide variety of topics for staffs and PhD students.

In 2016 we are have invited both established researchers and innovative early career colleagues to present their research at the seminars. The series hosts presenters from other universities in Australia and overseas.

The 2016 monthly research seminars run from March to November from 11.30am to 1pm and consist of a formal research presentation followed by an open forum style discussion with audience questions. For more information about AEF research seminars, contact our research seminar coordinator Dr Sarod Khandaker.

2016 research seminar dates and speakers

16 March Professor Peter M Clarkson, University of Queensland Business School
20 April Professor Roger Simnett, University of New South Wales, Australia Business School
18 May Professor Ranjan Ray, Monash University
15 June Professor Niamh Brennan, University College Dublin, Ireland
17 August Professor Nonna Martinov-Bennie, Macquarie University
31 August Professor Carol Adams, Durham University Business School, UK
21 September Professor Ellie (Larelle) Chapple, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Business School
19 October Professor Prasada Rao, University of Queensland
16 November Dr Vikash Ramiah, University of South Australia

Introduction to SAS

Students will use this statistical software to develop their knowledge in data management, data presentation, and statistical analysis.

Introduction to R

In this course you will learn how to install and configure R software. You will also learn how to read data into R, access R packages, and organise and comment R code.

Survey Design (STAA0004A)

Skills in the collection of survey, observational, experimental and secondary data.

Factor Analysis and MANOVA (STAA0005B)

Factor Analysis covers exploratory factor analysis (EFA).

Using R for Statistical Analysis

In this course you will learn key programming principles of R and how to develop and perform different types of statistical analyses and data visualisation.

Past events


Research Supervisor Accreditation Training 2017

Research Supervisor Accreditation Training