Through our corporate governance courses and industry partners, you’ll gain the knowledge to create the framework for leaders and teams to be successful. In a fast-moving world, an organisation’s financial productivity, social impact and management have never been more important.

Our company secretary courses will train you in disciplines such as leadership and behaviour, accounting, governance risk and business management, compliance management and high-level problem solving.

With corporate governance training, you can help organisations –b whether they’re corporations, not-for-profit entities, hospitals or otherwise – to truly achieve their vision, and put you on the pathway to promotion.

Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE)

Find your edge with our postgraduate corporate governance courses at the AGSE. Learn more.

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  • "The high quality of the course content, course facilitators and external speaker presentations regarding emerging risks, risk culture and legislative and compliance frameworks expanded my knowledge base. It has helped with discussions regarding how our organisation will be approaching risk culture and how to improve our risk management program. An informative and well-run program."

    Dhiba Daniel , Senior Risk & Assurance Business Partner, REA Group

The Swinburne Advantage

An undergraduate degree must be about more than just knowledge – it’s also job readiness, professional experience and access to further opportunities. 

We partner with leading Australian and global organisations to offer students authentic workplace experiences. Our degrees can include placements, internships, industry-linked projects, study tours and more. This is your chance to work on real-life projects, solve day-to-day challenges in your field and gain the professional skills that put knowledge into practice. You’ll build invaluable skills and confidence, knowing you have what it takes to land a job by graduation or even before. 

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