Undergraduate fees are made up of:

  • Tuition fees: the amount you pay for your course. You may receive a contribution towards these fees and be able to defer your contribution under a Commonwealth Supported Place
  • Student services and amenities fee: a mandatory annual fee for all students which provides access to student services such as careers and employment advice, workshop presentations and counselling.

Note: your fees will vary depending on which units you decide to study and on your course load.

Commonwealth Supported Places

Swinburne undergraduate students may be offered a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). A CSP is a higher education place for which the Commonwealth government makes a contribution towards your tuition fees. 


To learn more about your eligibility for a CSP, visit the student fees website.

Your contribution

CSP students are required to contribute part of their tuition fees. This is called the student contribution amount.

Deferring your contribution

Some students are eligible to defer the payment of their student contribution amount via the HECS-HELP scheme. Students may also be able to receive a discount for paying their contribution upfront (depending on citizenship/visa status).

Calculating your contribution

The student contribution amount is calculated based on the units of study that you enrol in. Each unit is assigned to a ‘band’ according to the subject area in which the unit is categorised.

To get an estimate of your student contribution amount, visit the student fees website

Fee assistance


Some CSP students are eligible to defer payment of their student contribution amount via the HECS-HELP loan scheme.

The amount is only paid back to the Commonwealth government, via the tax system, when the student reaches a nominated income threshold.

To find out more, including if you are eligible for HECS-HELP follow the link below.


Swinburne offers a range of scholarships to help prospective and current students reach their goals. Scholarships can help with tuition fees, living costs and study expenses.

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