Understanding your offer

Most offers to study at Swinburne are made through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

If you require help to understand VTAC offers and the options available to you, contact us on 1300 275 794. You can also book an appointment with a course adviser.

The following information will help you to understand your offer.

Round 1 VTAC Offers

If you receive a Round 1 offer through VTAC, you should accept it to secure your place at university.

Most offers to study are made and accepted in Round 1. You should accept a Round 1 offer as soon as possible and before Round 2 offers are made. If you do not accept your offer, your place in the course may be given to another applicant.

After you have accepted a Round 1 offer, you can still explore other course options through further VTAC offer rounds or a direct application.

If you miss out on Round 1

If you don’t receive a Round 1 offer to study, there are a number of alternative ways to seek a place at university. You can:

  • change your preferences through VTAC for consideration in further offer rounds
  • seek a supplementary offer through VTAC
  • apply directly to Swinburne.

Not receiving an offer for one of your listed preferences means you should consider other courses not currently on your list.  This may include pursuing an alternative pathway to your desired course through another course.

Supplementary VTAC offers

If you have not received an offer in the early offer round, Round 1 or Round 2, you may apply for a supplementary offer.

To apply for a supplementary offer you will need to give VTAC permission to release your application to all courses with vacancies. After your application has been considered, VTAC will be informed if you have been offered a place in a relevant and appropriate course.

VTAC processes supplementary offers weekly throughout February. You will be advised if you have received a supplementary offer via your VTAC account.

Accepting your offer and enrolling

To accept your offer to study at Swinburne you must complete your enrolment online.

During the enrolment process you will be instructed on how to accept your offer and enrol in the units you wish to study.