Business Analysis/eCommerce

Effective from 2010
The Business Analysis program prepares students for work in the area of Business Analysis. The International Institute of Business Analysis defines Business Analysis as “the set of tasks, knowledge and techniques required to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement or organizational change” (ref: “A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, Release 1.6, p8, Throughout this program students will be encouraged to enhance their abilities in understanding stakeholder needs, developing collaborative relationships, focussing on continuous improvement, and managing change processes.


Professional Major (200 cps, i.e. 16 – 18 units)
As part of the 300cps Program Structure, students who are required to complete 200 cps or more of study MUST study a Professional Major selected from the Business majors.

A Professional Major normally consists of 16 units (200 credit points) that:
• includes all the requisite foundation units; and
• has a clearly identifiable professional outcome; and/or
• satisfies any relevant external professional-body accreditation requirements.

Co-Major (100 cps, 8 units)
A Co-Major is a sequence of study focussed on a specific discipline while assuming no prior knowledge on the part of the student. It is self-contained, in that it includes any requisite foundation studies. Where a student has studied a Co-Major they are not normally eligible to apply to graduate with the associated tagged degree outcome.

(4 units)
Minors are a prescribed set of units that may broaden a student’s learning, such as a set of units from different disciplines, typically derived as a subset of a Major or Co-Major. Minors contain no elective choice and are made up of 4 units (50 cps). Subject to faculty approval some unit substitution is allowable.