Diploma of Information Technology (UniLink) (8 months)

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Want to know more about the world of computing, codes and clouds? The Diploma of Information Technology (UniLink) gives you an alternative pathway into higher education. You'll learn in a supportive and friendly university environment where you can explore the technologies that keep the world moving forward.

Study Information Technology to learn about computing hardware and software. Better yet, you’ll gain strategic knowledge about the principles of designing, developing and managing these technologies. You'll learn how to do this as an individual and as part of a collaborative team.

Learn about web-based applications and cloud computing. Understand database-modelling techniques and how to use them. Get broad knowledge of domain networks and network configurations. Develop practical skills in structural programming and program development. Discover the world of emerging STEM technologies and how they can shape your future career. This diploma will prepare you for further study in computer science, communication technologies, and systems analysis.

Over 8 months, you’ll study content that is similar to a bachelor degree, but in smaller class sizes – so you'll have more one-on-one time with your teachers. When you finish your UniLink diploma, you can move straight into a range of relevant bachelor degrees at Swinburne, adding no additional time or money to your studies.

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8 Month/s


Colombo (February, June, October)
Hawthorn (February, June, October)
Kandy (February, June, October) - View application and start dates




A$30200 (total for 2023) (for Colombo and Kandy campus fee, refer to NCHS website http://nchs.edu.lk/swinburne/)*

This course allows you to pathway to another qualification.