What should you expect on the day of your graduation?

When to arrive 

You need to arrive at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) two hours before the ceremony to allow time to have your regalia fitted. For example, if your ceremony starts at 4pm, you should arrive at 2pm.

Note: Registration and gowning closes one hour before the ceremony; allow plenty of time to get to the venue in case of transport or parking issues. 

Report to the registration and gowning room in Plenary One (in the MCEC, lower ground floor).

Note: Make sure you bring your student ID or another photo ID. 

Guests should arrive an hour before the ceremony starts (e.g. 3pm for a 4pm ceremony). Make sure that your guests are carrying their own tickets. 

Prams cannot be brought into the ceremony hall; however, a space has been set aside in the main foyer for prams. On arrival, please make your way to the Swinburne information desk, located between Doors 7 and 8 on the lower ground floor. A staff member will direct you to the designated area.

Order of events

  1. Graduates register and have their regalia fitted.
  2. Graduates take their seats in Plenery 2 via door 2 (45 minutes before the ceremony).
    Note that all graduate tickets include allocated seating; you MUST sit in your assigned seat to ensure you are called across the stage in the correct order.
  3. Guests take their seats in the Plenery 2, entering through doors 7 and 8 (45 minutes before the ceremony).
    Guess seating is not allocated.
  4. The ceremony begins with an academic procession.
  5. Special award presentation and/or guest speaker.
  6. Graduates are presented on the stage.
  7. The ceremony concludes. Ceremonies are generally 90 to 120 minutes in duration.

What to do on the stage 

A staff member will collect you from your seat when your name is about to be called and direct you to the stage. 

Once you're on the stage, you will need to: 

  1. Wait until your name is called, then accept your graduation tube from the Presiding Officer.
  2. Have your photograph taken.
  3. Leave the stage via the central stairs.
  4. Proceed to the rear of the hall, as directed by staff, to collect your testamur.
  5. Return to your allocated seat.

Leave any large bags or valuables with your family or friends, or under your seat, when you are called on stage. No possessions or phones should be held as your cross the stage.

Five steps to nailing your graduation ceremony
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What to consider before you arrive

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has a car park located within the centre. Additionally, there are secure car parks located in and around South Wharf, within easy walking distance of MCEC, including South Wharf Retail Car Park, Siddeley Street Carpark, Freeway Carpark and Montague Street Carpark. Find out more.

To support the safety of Swinburne's community and comply with Victorian Government directives, you must adhere to the relevant COVID safe protocols of the venue. Please do not enter the venue if you're feeling unwell. 

For more information visit the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) website and the Swinburne on-campus protocols page.

You can have professional photos taken before and after the ceremony. Book your photography in advance through GFP Graduations or on the day.

Ceremony recordings will be available approximately six weeks post ceremony. Re-live and share your special moment with family and friends.

Are you an overseas student?

If you have family overseas wishing to attend your ceremony in Melbourne, you’ll need to make all travel arrangements yourself; Swinburne does not offer this service. 

Complete and submit a Status Letter request form if you have not yet completed your course but expect to soon. This letter may be used to substantiate visa applications for visiting family. It is important that you specify why you are applying for a Status Letter. Your ‘Reason for the request’ should state 'for graduation purposes'

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Need graduation advice or course help?

If you have a question or need help with any aspect of completing your course or graduating, contact studentHQ. StudentHQ can help you if you haven’t received your graduation documents or need to get replacements. 

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