Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

Fluid and Process Dynamics research group

Major facilities

Energy Transformation Laboratory

Swinburne's Energy Transformation Laboratory is used for research and teaching in fluid dynamics. Located in the Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre, it includes two facilities dedicated to renewable energy – the wave channel facility and the solar simulator, as well as a dedicated microfluidics room.

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High Temperature Processing Facility

The High Temperature Processing Facility is used for the research and development of high temperature materials and minerals processing and includes high temperature and solar thermal laboratories.

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Factory of the Future

More than just a design, research, manufacturing or teaching space, the Factory of the Future is a hub for engaging manufacturing businesses, undergraduate and high school students, alumni and the wider community. It provides industry and organisations with state-of-the-art facilities to explore conceptual ideas for manufacturing next generation products.

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Thermodynamic Laboratory

The Thermodynamic Laboratory is used for research and teaching. It includes equipment for thermal property measurements, heat engine examination, heat exchanger, and heat transfer analysis.