Neuroimaging Facility

As the only single-site human imaging facility in Australia offering MRI and MEG, Swinburne Neuroimaging is uniquely placed to support research probing the rapid dynamics of human brain function that underpins behaviour, cognitive development, and mental health across the lifespan. Our facilities and expertise are available to all Australian researchers from academia to the health sector, and industry under NIF guidelines.

We can help you with all steps of your research, from project conception, to project design and logistical planning, advice on research ethics, advice on data management and expert training in data analysis. The best time to contact us is early, so we can guide you through what can otherwise be a daunting process!

Key imaging technologies

MEG (Neuromag TRIUX)

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a safe, non-invasive human brain imaging technique that measures very small magnetic fields produced by the active brain. It has a unique capability to detect and accurately localise the extremely rapid changes in brain activity and connectivity that support all mental function.

MRI (Siemens Tim Trio 3T, upgrading to PrismaFIT in 2019)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique that uses a powerful magnetic field to obtain very detailed cross-sectional images inside the body. This scanner offers extremely fine grained structural and functional images of the whole body, with specialised equipment for human brain imaging.

Other technologies

  • EEG (Neuroscan high density MRI and MEG compatible)
  • TMS (Magstim 200 with BiStim Controller, Magstim single pulse)
  • Eye tracking (Eyelink 1000 systems integrated with MRI and MEG)
  • Peripheral psychophysiology
  • Integrated experimental presentation hardware & software
  • Data management and analysis platforms

Our expertise

  • Study and experimental design
  • Logistics and ethics of human brain imaging research
  • MRI, MEG, EEG, TMS experimental protocols
  • Research data management
  • Advanced data analysis and computing

FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reproducible

Swinburne Neuroimaging operations are designed around the FAIR principles for open science, which help maximise the societal and scientific impact of research.


Operations Manager for Swinburne Neuroimaging Facility
t: +61 3 9214 8006

Logo for the national imaging facilityProfessor Tom Johnstone
Director of Swinburne Neuroimaging

Swinburne Neuroimaging is A National Imaging Facility (NIF) centre.