Aviation Simulation Laboratory

Swinburne’s aviation simulators allow researchers to investigate issues such as pilot fatigue and inexperience, how pilots work with new and adapted procedures and technology, and the impact of adverse weather on flight operations.

Researchers use a variety of methods to monitor both experienced and trainee pilots using the facility in a range of projects which examine the impact on flight safety of issues such as fatigue, poor visibility, pilot inexperience and pilots working with new and adapted technology.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Victoria's only Redbird flight simulator, capable of simulating flight in a single-engine Cessna 172 and a twin-engine Beechcraft Baron. These can be reconfigured to show flight instruments in modern digital style or classic analogue style.
  • A jet airliner procedures simulator based around a B737 and replicating advanced automatic-flight systems, controls and displays.

Research currently underway includes a project commissioned by Australia's Defence Science Institute (DSI) to investigate the human factors and performance challenges for pilots moving between different generations of cockpits and instrument arrays.

Swinburne hopes to further expand the scope and scale of aviation research, working closely with our industry partners.


Dr Matt Ebbatson
T: +61 3 9214 8508
E: mebbatson@swin.edu.au

Stephen Fankhauser
T: +61 3 9214 5259
E: sfankhauser@swin.edu.au