At the heart of any successful space mission is the design and application of materials and coatings that perform under extreme conditions.

The diverse team behind Swinburne’s interdisciplinary material science and engineering research – led by Dr Andrew Ang – has expertise across various material classes, including metals, ceramics, polymer and composites. Through innovative uses, we hope to solve challenges confronted by space missions, as well as real-world problems closer to home.

Our research

The cornerstone of this program is our ability to give functional characteristics to a surface by applying a coating. From materials that can protect satellites against wear and tear to high-temperature materials for hypersonic flight, our researchers work with industry partners to engineer surface coatings. Our interests also extend to development of smart coatings, the ability to embed sensors, and self-cleaning surfaces.

The Materials and Coatings for Space team collaborates with industry-leading Australian partners, including Titomic, Amiga Engineering, RUAG Australia, Amaero, ANSTO and DST Group.

Current projects

  • Collaborating with Amaero on a joint research project to develop and manufacture coatings for internal turbine engine surfaces and nozzles. The outputs will have commercial applications in aviation, space, defence and high temperature processing environments. 

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