Strategically positioned at the intersection of design, business, engineering and information systems, the Manufacturing Futures Research Institute uses advanced manufacturing integration in the global value chain to capture the benefits of Industry 4.0, securing Australia’s industrial future.

We act as a conduit between research and industry to deliver complex solutions and bring world-leading expertise in advanced materials, industrial automation and robotics, advanced manufacturing, design and data science to:

  • develop high-value bespoke manufactured products

  • develop new materials and processes for smart products

  • increase the agility and productivity of Australia’s manufacturing base

  • integrate Australia’s know-how with the global value chain.

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What is Industry 4.0?

We’re currently experiencing the fourth Industrial Revolution. This is an emerging era of connectivity and interaction among parts, machines and humans that, in the industry sector, has the potential to create enormous production, efficiency dividends and improvements in quality of life and environmental outcomes. 

Industry 4.0 will facilitate agile manufacturing through cyber-physical smart factories, where machines communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real-time, enabling companies to connect with customers and supply chains globally.

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  • Warehouse worker and supervisor looking at a tablet computer.

    Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub

    Improve your productivity and quality, innovate your business model and create new revenue streams by connecting into global supply chains and enhancing your global competitiveness.

  • Modern hydrogen energy storage system accompaind by large solar power plant and wind turbine park in sunny summer afteroon light with blue sky and scattered clouds. 3d rendering.

    Victorian Hydrogen Hub

    In partnership with CSIRO and ARENA 2036, Swinburne’s Victorian Hydrogen Hub brings together the community to support sustainable manufacturing practices.

  • Swinburne-CSIRO National Industry 4.0 Testlab

    The Swinburne-CSIRO National Industry 4.0 Testlab conducts industrial scale multilayer 3D printing for near net composite manufacturing and solutions for automotive and aerospace parts, processes and systems.

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We have a talented team of researchers across a variety of disciplines who can work with you to solve complex problems on any scale.

If you have a challenge that needs an innovative, practical solution, contact us to discuss how we can work together to research and deliver just that!

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Through our research we uncover innovative ideas and solutions that improve industry processes, safety, quality and competitiveness. We host workshops on these topics to open up collaboration and engage partners. To register your interest in attending, call us on +61 3 9214 5177 or email

  • “Swinburne’s Seed Grant Scheme was an excellent method to deepen our engagement, doubling the amount of work we could get done in a simple and easy process.”

    Dr Phillip Aitchison , VP Research and Development, Imagine Intelligent Materials Ltd

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