Led by Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, this research program focuses on the rapidly changing demands of customers.

We work with Australian manufacturers in top-producing export sectors (such as food, high tech and defence), as well as state and federal governments and the Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA) in the fields of:

  • data science

  • process automation and improvement

  • human-machine interaction

  • electronics

  • control systems

  • computer science

We work with these partners to establish a “smart factory” forum that will:

  • help define and maintain standard, open, industry-specific interfaces for developing and using Industry 4.0 solutions

  • support developing, testing and offering new Industry 4.0 solutions with less effort and cost

  • allow the industry to share Industry 4.0 experiences and lessons learned

Projects within this program aim to substantially increase engagement with Australian manufacturers in the development and delivery of Industry 4.0 solutions, and will ultimately positively impact productivity, safety, product quality and manufacturing agility.

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If your organisation would like to collaborate with us to solve a complex problem, or you simply want to contact our team, get in touch by calling +61 3 9214 5177 or emailing MFRP@swinburne.edu.au

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