Located within the basement of the ATC building, the Facility was established in 2003 through a Systemic Infrastructure Initiative grant from the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).

The MMF provides a suite of high throughput services to multiple core engineering and science disciplines within the faculty, as well as supporting critical ARC funded research such as ITTC SEAM and DPs, industry-led CRC projects and international collaborative activities.

The Hysitron TI Premier Nanoindenter can perform small-scale (nano) mechanical testing on multi-phase materials, thin films, biomaterials and more.

The Microanalytical and Microfabrication Facility is equipped with the following major equipment: 

  • Field emission scanning electron microscope (Zeiss Supra 40 VP) 
  • Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscope (Oxford Inca Energy 200) 
  • X-ray diffractometer (Bruker D8 Advance) 
  • Scanning probe microscope (Slover P7LS) 
  • Thin film deposition system (Kurt J. Lesker CMS-18 HV) 
  • Nano-indention instrument (Hysitron TI Premier Nanoindenter)  
  • BX51 optical microscope with Kerr effect accessary and CCD imaging capability 
  • Terra universal desiccator with nitrogen purge 
  • Laminar flow workstation.

Other supporting and enabling equipment include optical microscopes, metallography equipment, including cutting machines, mounting devices and mechanical and electro-polishers for sample preparation, macro to micro hardness indenters, surface roughness profiler, desiccators and a laminar flow fume hood for chemical etching. 

Added into this laboratory for convenience is Swinburne’s XPS system which is housed within AV building. This instrument is used for elemental characterisation of surfaces of all kinds (powder, fibre, nanoparticles, solution dropcast, coating, film, other solids, and more) including micro imaging and depth profiling.

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