NeTC runs Mental Health Online, an online psychological assessment and treatment virtual clinic for common mental health problems.  

Mental Health Online provides: 

  • information about a range of mental health difficulties,  
  • free automated mental health assessment, and  
  • automated self-guided therapy programs.

These can be used independently, or can be used with the assistance of an online therapist via email, or scheduled video or text-chat sessions. 

Our team are also involved in developing and researching ongoing innovations in digital mental health, including virtual reality, integrating therapy with smartphone-based support in day-to-day life, and using digital technology within mental health services.  

We also provide healthcare professionals with free access to our online CBT-based treatment programs. 

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NeTC 'Mental Health Online' Program Writers 
  • Dr Jo Abbott 
  • Associate Professor David Austin 
  • Dr Jacqueline Baulch 
  • Dr Imogen Bell 
  • Dr Lisa Ciechomski 
  • Molly Fitzpatrick 
  • Fiona Foley 
  • Professor Britt Klein 
  • Professor Mike Kyrios 
  • Dr Sue Lauder 
  • Dr Jo Mitchell 
  • Dr Richard Moulding 
  • Associate Professor Maja Nedeljkovic 
  • Dr David Nguyen 
  • Gabriel Notarianni 
  • Dr Liz Seabrook 
  • Kerrie Shandley 
  • Associate Professor Neil Thomas 
  • Dr Ben Williams 
e-Psychological Assessment System (e-PASS) Creators 
  • Professor Britt Klein 
  • Dr David Nguyen

eTherapy research programs

In the SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Technology) research program we are working with the Victorian Department of Health and several mental health organisations across Victoria. The focus of this research program is to develop and research how online resources can be used within specialist mental health services to promote personal recovery in people with severe mental health problems. 

This includes the development of materials that can be used by mental health workers during interactions with consumers on a tablet computer, as well as being accessed directly by consumers and their family members at home. 

These have been developed in close collaboration with users of mental health services, including multimedia featuring people talking about their personal experiences of mental health problems. Several trials are underway as part of this research program. 

The ORBIT research program is being funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council from 2016 to conduct an international multicentre trial of online interventions for people with bipolar disorder. The focus of this program is to examine the best ways of promoting recovery and quality of life in people who have experienced a number of episodes of bipolar disorder. 

The program is being led by Professor Greg Murray in the Department of Psychological Sciences, in conjunction with the eTherapy Research Unit and a number of international research centres.

Mental Health Online provides online information, assessment and treatment for mental health problems including: 

  • Made-4-Me eTherapy 
    (Therapist-supported and automated eTherapy programs for up to three mental health disorders -- depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder -- and tailored for age and gender) 
  • GAD Online 
    (Therapist supported and automated program for Generalised Anxiety Disorder) 
  • Panic STOP!
    (Therapist supported and automated program for Panic Disorder with or without Agoraphobia) 
  • PTSD Online
    (Therapist supported and automated program for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) 
    (Therapist supported and automated program for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) 
  • SAD Online
    (Therapist supported and automated program for Social Anxiety Disorder) 
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