Led by Professor Franz Konstantin ‘Tino’ Fuss, the Smart Products Engineering program develops new product innovations in fast-growing market areas such as smart devices, wearable technology and IoT (Internet of things). 

In this program, projects encompass expertise in mechanical, electronics, materials, product design and computer engineering as well as industrial design, combined with specialist expertise in sensor technology and testing, data transfer and signal processing, discovery of performance parameters and data analytics, new product development, and lateral product innovation.

Our projects aim to:
  • develop innovative sensor technologies

  • discover new methods for data analytics

  • engineer and design commercially viable products.

Each project is backed by rigorous research and executed by experienced engineers and designers, with the goal of maximising sensor accuracy while advancing data analytics by keeping products affordable. 

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We always welcome new partners. If you are interested in transforming ideas into commercially competitive outcomes, need the support of our research or have any other queries, contact us on +61 3 9214 6072 or email cdiadmin@swinburne.edu.au.

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