The Centre of Design Innovation is comprised of experienced researchers grounded by practice. Our team are passionate about working with end-users, businesses and government to transform innovative ideas into reality.

Here you’ll learn about different team members, their roles and how to make contact to start a collaboration or partnership together.

Leadership team

Academic staff

Research Area 
Associate Professor Carolyn Barnes Associate Professor, Communication Design Service Design, Public Good Design, Strategic & Transformative Design: Design Thinking
Professor Jane Burry  
Dean, School of Design  
Mathematics and computing in contemporary architecture  
Professor Mark Burry AO 
Director, Smart Cities Institute  
Complex Architecture and Convergent Design  
Dr Dylan Davis Lecturer, Communication Design Interaction Design, Digital Storytelling
Professor Boris Eisenbart  
Course Director – Product Design Engineering  
Design process and methods, Industry 4.0  
Associate Professor Daniel Huppatz Associate Professor, Architectural and Industrial Design Design History, Philosophy, and Theory
Professor Blair Kuys Associate Dean Research, School of Design and Architecture Product Design, Product Diversity, Productivity Design
Associate Professor Abdullah Al Mahmud  
Deputy Academic Director: Research Training  
Design research, human-computer interaction  
Professor Rachael McDonald  
Department Chair, Health & Medical Sciences  
Health, disability and assistive technology
Dr Diego Muñoz  Research Fellow Motivational modelling, ageing research, human-computer interaction
Dr Belinda Paulovich Lecturer, Communication and participatory co-design Design for Health and Wellbeing, Participatory and Codesign, Information Design
Associate Professor Gianni Renda  
Deputy Chair, Department of Architectural and Industrial Design  
Design for health, inclusive design  
Professor Emeritus Leon Sterling Professor Emeritus Software Engineering, Agent-based systems, Human Computer Interactions
Professor Mark Taylor  
Professor of Architecture  
Design innovation, architecture  
Professor Christine Thong  
Academic Director, Design Factory Melbourne Industrial design, Design innovation 
Professor Nicki Wragg Associate Dean Education, School of Design and Architecture Strategic & Transformative Design, Design Research Education
Dr Jane Connory Deputy Department Chair, Course Director Master of Design, Communication Design Lecturer Communication Design History, Inclusive Design and Gender Equity

Advisory board

Tina Hogarth-Clarke 

Managing Director, Into Aged Care 
Advisor to Future Self Living Lab 

Sarah Bridges 

Principal Design Integrator, AURECON
Advisor to Urban Design Architecture 

Jeremy Yuille  

Principal, Meld Studios 
Advisor to Service Design and Organisational Design 

Professor Voytek Gutowski 

CSIRO Fellow 
Advisor of Scientific Content and Advanced Manufacturing 

Carla Zampaglione

Director, Sento Solutions
Advisor to Human Centred Product Design

Adjunct fellows

Research Area
Dr Agustin Chevez Bernaldo De Quiros 
Senior Researcher. HASSELL. Melbourne, Australia 
Workplace architecture
Professor Lisa Given Adjunct Professor  
Professor Steffen Walz
Professor of Design/Art in the School of Design and Art at Curtin University
Games and experimental design
Associate Professor Ian Woodcock Adjunct Associate Professor  

PhD candidates in design and other disciplines

Family name First given name Thesis title Principal coordinating supervisor
The benefits and opportunity of digital technology on the fields of spatial and interior design in spaces built for public use
Professor Jeni Paay
Affordable sophistication: Investigating reusing, repurposing and upcycling in architecture through exploiting computational design and digital fabrication.
Professor Mark Burry AO
University-Industry collaboration: A case study on improving new product development with small and medium enterprises.
Professor Blair Kuys
Expanding industrial design’s contribution to Hong Kong manufacturers: why the ‘Balanced Scorecard for industrial design management’ is pragmatic.
Professor Blair Kuys
Beyond Vision: Spatial Design for People with Visual Impairments
Professor Mark Taylor
Investigating the design elements of typicality and novelty to enhance the appeal of souvenirs.
Professor Blair Kuys
Making future cities smart by supporting future city designers in smart design. 
Professor Jeni Paay
Contributions of Product Design to Scientific Research: Taking early-stage technologies to market. A case study with graphene supercapacitors. 
A/Professor Christine Thong
Eco-centric urban design approach for peri-urban water resource planning: A common framework of regenerative design. Special reference to; traditional cascade system in Sri Lanka
A/Professor Gavin Melles
Making Places for Plants through Computational Observation, Analysis and Simulation
Professor Mark Burry AO
Enhancing training practices in the disability sector using augmented reality technology
Professor Jeni Paay
Thinking and Doing Design: Integrating novel innovation approaches with established design practices
Dr Charles Ranscombe
Built environment and perception of traffic safety for children’s active school travel. 
Professor Marcus White
E-Government Services for the Elderly
Professor Jeni Paay

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