Resilient Processes Program

Aiming to enhance manufacturing resilience at micro level from raw materials to components and to products through innovating manufacturing processes in circular economy.

Led by Prof XiaoQi Chen, the Resilient Processes Program capitalizes on Swinburne’s research expertise in a broad range of manufacturing processes technologies including; materials processing, surface engineering, inspection and instrumentation, re-manufacturing, green technologies and processes, ore processing, hydrogen science, energy optimization and energy harvesting.

We undertake research in materials processing, inspection technology, waste-to-product processes and low carbon manufacturing. We develop resilient manufacturing solutions in close collaboration with industries including automotive, aerospace, steel making, energy, waste management, and resource sectors.

Research themes:

Develop advanced subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies.

Convert waste to products, re-cycle and re-purpose end-of-life products.

Reduce carbon in manufacturing through adoption and management of renewable energy.

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