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The Manufacturing Futures Research Institute has already entered into some significant partnerships, including Siemens (on the digitalisation of Swinburne’s Factory of the Future), Asahi on an Industry 4.0 project and a joint venture with Airspeed/DMTC around composite materials in the marine environment.

Other partners and project collaborators include:

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and form new partnerships. If your organisation is dealing with a complex manufacturing problem, then contact us to discuss how a multi-skilled team can provide solutions for your organisation.

Successful partnered projects 


External partners: Imagine Intelligent Materials
Graphene reinforced smart composites.

Imagine Intelligent Materials identified graphene as a material to create smart composites that sense and report real-time dimensional changes in composites. This project combines the unique expertise at Swinburne in composite manufacturing and sensor technologies to develop graphene reinforced smart composites. This project was linked to the Manufacturing next generation materials program.


External partners: INNOFOCUS
Wearable binoculars and telescope based on graphene.

INNOFOCUS aimed to develop ultra‐portable binoculars/telescope glasses for the consumer market. This project strongly aligned with Swinburne’s Manufacturing Futures Research Institute, particularly high value-added manufacturing and the industrialisation of graphene products and device manufacturing. This project was linked to the Manufacturing next generation materials program.


External partners: IR Robotics Pty Ltd
A Collaborative Robot System for Photobiomodulation.

The proposed project was the first step towards fully automating photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy of chronic pain by employing a collaborative robot to apply targeted laser therapy based on the analysis of a thermal camera image of the patient. Watch and read more about this project. This project was linked to the Intelligent Robotics Program program.


External partners: TJ Supply Limited Partnership, Naresuan University
IoT based Home Appliance Systems (Smart Fan).

The system developed captured, detected, identified, and analysed real‐time data of individual users by face recognition algorithms, while the control unit automatically adjusted the cooling system based upon the thermal comfort of the individuals. The smartness of the system increased the overall efficiency as well as comfort. Read more.


External partners:
 Ixom Pty Ltd
Development of Cost-effective and Sustainable Technology for PFAS Remediation.

Per- or Poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been identified as chemicals that have significant environmental and human health risk. This project partners with IXOM to validate the removal capacity and efficiency of their commercial resin products for typical PFAS found in Australian water sources. The project also investigates possible regeneration methods for ongoing reuse of their resin. Expected outcomes from this project include the development of a cost-effective and sustainable technology for PFAS remediation.


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