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Past events


Graphene Week, Helsinki - September 2019

Swinburne researchers Professor Bronwyn Fox and Lachlan Hyde presented this week at Europe's leading Graphene Conference held in Helsinki, Finland. Bronwyn spoke about incorporating graphene into carbon fibre composites for structural health monitoring applications, whilst Lachlan Hyde presented on Graphene Certification Labs. Lachlan Hyde also took the opportunity to visit the Finland office of Imagine who form the Graphene Certification Labs partnership with Swinburne University of Technology. 



Graphene Research Forum - September 2019

Next Generation materials with a focus on graphene related research form a diverse range of projects and outcomes for the Manufacturing Future Research Institute. Ranging from low-cost material synthesis and characterisation, thin film coating, functional composite engineering, advanced graphene device fabrication to a complete graphene supply chain investigation.

The Graphene Research Forum provided a networking opportunity for all graphene researchers within the university to exchange ideas, establish and reinforce multidisciplinary collaborations, and target some key challenges identified within the field.



22nd International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM22) - August 2019

ICCM is the premier international conference in the field of composite materials, it provides a forum for the presentation, exchange and discussion of the latest research into composite materials and their applications. Institute Director, Professor Bronwyn Fox, was part of the team who successfully bid for Melbourne to host the ICCM22 in 2019. 

The conference theme for the ICCM22 was “Advanced Composites: Research to Impact”, with the objective of exploring the latest research into composite materials and how they will be used in the future covering multiple applications including aerospace, construction, wind energy, automotive, electronics and more.

The event was sponsored and attended by Global Innovation Linkages Program partners from around the world, of which Swinburne was awarded $1 million funding this year towards Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Bronwyn gave a plenary talk at the conference as well as chairing the Women in Composites Leadership Forum, she also participated in the Industry Discussion Forum and Boeing panel focused on industry / research collaboration. 



Graphene+ 2018 conference - October 2018 ‌

The Graphene+ conference was held in partnership with the Australian Graphene Industry Association to discuss the future of graphene and its various applications. Over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, scientists, executives and political leaders attended the conference which is set to become an annual event. 

Following the conference, a roundtable discussion on the opportunities, challenges and barriers to Australia’s graphene industry was hosted at Swinburne.

Read more: Discussing the future of manufacturing at Graphene+ 

Learn more about Graphene and why it will be critical to national and global economies via the Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA) youtube channel.

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