How can we develop treatments to benefit those with Autism spectrum disorder?

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) represent a diverse set of neurodevelopmental conditions affecting approximately one in every 100 children.

The genetic spectrum of ASD presents a significant challenge for understanding the biology of the condition. With so many different ‘causes’, how can we develop treatments to benefit ASD?

The team led by Associate Professor Jason Howitt is collaborating with clinicians at the Royal Children’s Hospital to identify the neurodevelopmental changes that occur in the brain resulting in ASD.

This NHMRC funded project is investigating:

  • A single gene variant directly linked to autism with macrocephaly (enlarged head)
  • The use of patient derived biopsy cells to understand ASD development
  • The role of cancer based drugs for developing ASD therapeutics
  • The identification of common molecular pathway deficits in ASD

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