Human-data interaction

Enhancing the presence of the human-in-the loop in data analytics, for knowledge discovery and decision making.

This research program aims to enhance the presence of the human-in-the loop in data analytics. Working with interactive visualisations, the program is looking to facilitate the interaction between: analysts and data - for knowledge discovery, and the communication of analytic findings to stakeholders - for decision making.

The program team specialise in design and development of data visualizations, visual user interfaces and interaction methods. Exploring how traditional data-driven techniques (such as those from machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics and data mining) can be combined with interactive visualizations, the team are focused on ways that human creativity and factors beyond data values (such as ethical, social, cultural factors) can become integral components of sustainable data analytics.

In collaboration with industry partners, projects are delivering compelling visualizations, effective interactions, optimum analytic methods and solid engineering. Transforming research findings and data insights into positive impact in application domains such as healthcare, business, finance, social science and biology.

Our program has the following three focus areas:

Data visualization

  • Visualization quality metrics
  • Visual perception and cognition
  • Visualization algorithms

Interaction design

  • Human-data interaction behaviours and models
  • Interactive machine learning models
  • Immersive data analysis environments

Intelligent visual analytics

  • Adaptive data visualizations and user interfaces
  • Visual machine learning and data mining
  • Spatio-temporal visual data analysis
  • Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics

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