In summary

  • Swinburne’s Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship has partnered with Judo Bank so students can learn from leaders in financial technology (FinTech) 
  • Swinburne and Judo Bank will co-create practical, industry-driven content for FinTech students 
  • The partnership will give FinTech Swinburne students a competitive edge 

Swinburne’s Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship has partnered with challenger bank Judo Bank to offer its Master of Financial Technologies students a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders.

The partnership will centre on the co-creation of practical, industry-driven educational experiences. Judo Bank will contribute to the learning program with guest speakers, case studies and mentorship, as well as provide students access to its networks and the opportunity to organise industry events.

Both Judo Bank and Swinburne see their partnership as an example of global best practice - bringing people and technology together to build a better world, via innovation and entrepreneurship.

Preparing students to thrive and lead in FinTech

Director of the Master of Financial Technologies, Dr Dimitrios Salampasis, says it is significant to be working with ‘one of Australia’s unicorns’. 

‘The vision to lead the new era of FinTech-enabled financial services is supported by the credibility that Judo Bank brings to the industry with its globally viable and scalable business model. Moreover, Judo Bank will gain access to Swinburne’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.’

Judo Bank is carving out a reputation for its work with small and medium-sized enterprises and focus on customer relationships.

The Master of Financial Technologies is also co-designed and co-delivered with Swinburne’s industry partners Bendigo BankIBM and Tableau. It addresses skill shortages and ensures students’ learning experience is practical, relevant and current.

‘The partnerships contribute towards ensuring that Swinburne’s today students and tomorrow’s graduates are fully employable and have solid foundations - both in terms of knowledge and experience - to thrive and lead within a financial services world of innovation, change and transformation.’

‘We are thrilled to be partnering with Swinburne and supporting the next generation of FinTech leaders,’ says CEO of Judo Bank, Joseph Healy.

‘At Judo, our technology supports our bankers to spend real time with customers and to build important human connection. Sharing the insights of our relationship-led business model and the important part technology plays in it, is a valuable story for FinTech students as they embark on their careers.

‘We’re excited by what this partnership will bring, both for Judo and for Swinburne, laying an excellent foundation for the new cohort of entrepreneurs who will lead the way and continue to innovate in this space.’

Dr Dimitrios Salampasis says the partnership will help to ensure Swinburne students are employable when they graduate

Investing in the future

Russell Dominic is in his first year of the Master of Financial Technologies and is excited to learn from industry practitioners.

‘Swinburne’s excellent teaching quality, industry speakers and flexible course delivery options give me confidence that I can remain competitive in the job market, all while keeping a full-time career.’

Mr Dominic is interested in Judo Bank’s use of ‘leading technology and innovative business solutions’. ‘This exciting, strategic partnership will undoubtedly drive innovation and instil entrepreneurial spirit within Swinburne’s graduates,’ he says.

Mr Dominic hopes to combine his background in law with his newly acquired FinTech knowledge, and use the network access provided by the Judo Bank partnership.  

‘Equipped with the existing curriculum and Judo Bank’s industry knowledge, Swinburne’s students will be perfectly equipped to be job ready for the future.’

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