Medical Technology Victoria (MedTechVic) works to support and connect individuals and organisations across the assistive and medical device sector in Victoria, ensuring rapid clinical and technical, prototyping and manufacturing of new ideas. Our goal is to bring together individuals with lived disability, their carers, allied health and clinical professionals, engineers, designers and industry to co-create products and services that enhance lives.

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Technology and Industry 4.0 expertise

to share with existing MedTech and pharmaceutical companies, and grow Victorian supply chains.

Globally connected LivingAT Facility

to produce and evaluate new medical and assistive products and services.

Research, development and commercial know-how

across manufacturing, allied health, social innovation and co-creation.

Partnerships and collaborations

across clinical, industrial, service and community sectors.



Learn how MedTechVic is supporting and connecting individuals and organisations across the assistive and medical device sector in Victoria.

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Our Four Pillars

The MedTechVic Challenge Projects are the heart of the hub. The other pillars feed into, facilitate, and support this branch. These projects are where the MedTechVic team come together to draw on the whole university’s capabilities. In the Challenge Projects, MedTechVic works with industry partners to identify opportunities for change. This is the central point of co-creation and brings together people from research, industry, and those with lived experience. Projects can look at the types of products created, the way products are created or delivered, how a product is identified as being suitable for a person, or any other way people are supported to engage in their lives. Projects also investigate how industry and workforce fit into the current situation and what role they could have in creating change.

The Clinical Innovation Fellows Program is a first-of-its-kind training program that teaches professionals from clinical backgrounds how to think from a design and development perspective. The graduates help build the Clinical Innovation Network, which also includes the MedTechVic clinical advisors. This network is designed to provide meaningful advice and coaching to industry and research through a clinical lens.

The Manufacturing 4.0 business readiness program is run by the Factory of the Future in partnership with the BioMelbourne Network. Workshops and webinars equip manufactures of medtech to harness the potential of digital manufacturing in their businesses. This means that outcomes of the Challenge Projects will have appropriate industry infrastructure for production in Victoria. It is part of MedTechVic’s commitment to a holistic approach to filling the gaps in the medtech industry. 

The Enabling Technologies Platform is about creating facilities equipped with useful and innovative technologies and people with the expertise to use them. The platform provides physical spaces for MedTechVic to explore, test, and create. It consists of The LivingAT Facility and the Volumetric Capture (VolCap) studio. Watch the Enabling Technologies Platform video below to find out more!

LivingAT Facility

The LivingAT Facility has been designed as a central point of co-creation. It is a place for the Challenge Projects to unpack questions and test solutions. The space has been carefully crafted to allows end-users living with disability to access and input into the creative problem-solving process. It is somewhere for MedTechVic’s network and partners to come together and create meaningful outcomes.

VolCap Facility

The VolCap Facility takes an advanced technology that is being developed in commercial filmmaking and pioneers its use as a research tool. It has unique capacity for capturing volume and movement and potential to revolutionize approaches to data connection and assessment.


Enabling Technologies Platform

Our Enabling Technologies Platform is driving an inclusive future for medical innovation – bringing people with disabilities together with researchers, engineers, designers, clinicians and carers to co-create innovative and manufacturable assistive technology solutions.

  • “There is a growing need for medical and assistive technology that can help individuals live their best lives. At Swinburne we are uniquely placed to bring together the best aspects of design, digitalisation and human needs to develop and deliver innovative and scalable devices to meet increasing global demand.”  

    Professor Pascale Quester , Vice-Chancellor and President

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  • Research
    • Technology
    • Research Impact

    Wheelchair Workshop: Non-Complex Wheeled Mobility and Seating

    This two-day workshop aims to help therapists in assessing the functional and postural needs of people using non-complex wheeled mobility and seating.

    Mon 14 November to Tue 15 November
    9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
    Living AT Lab, 20 Frederick Street, Hawthorn
    Register now (Wheelchair Workshop: Non-Complex Wheeled Mobility and Seating)
  • Research
    • Technology
    • Research Impact

    Wheelchair Workshop: Complex Wheelchair Seating

    This two-day workshop aims to help therapists in managing posture and promoting function and participation for people with complex seating needs.

    Wed 16 November to Thu 17 November
    9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
    Living AT Lab, 20 Frederick Street, Hawthorn
    Register now (Wheelchair Workshop: Complex Wheelchair Seating)
  • Research
    • Technology
    • Research Impact

    Wheelchair Workshop: Specialised Manual Wheelchairs

    A masterclass on assessing and prescribing fully configurable manual wheelchairs to optimise function and prevent injury for active users.

    Fri 18 November
    9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
    Living AT Lab, 20 Frederick Street, Hawthorn
    Register now (Wheelchair Workshop: Specialised Manual Wheelchairs)

Other initiatives

These initiatives are funded through the Victorian government's Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund.

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