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  • To celebrate the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve provided the top seven things to do
  • From mouth-watering food to luxury getaway locations, there are a range of activities to explore created by Swinburne entrepreneurs
  • Swinburne also partners with a range of amazing businesses such as ACMI and The Hawthorn Hotel where you can now freely spend your time

With much of Australia enjoying newfound freedom as restrictions ease from strict COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choice when wondering how to spend your time. 

We’ve collated the top seven things to do to celebrate freedom, brought to you by innovative businesses from Swinburne alumni and our partners. 

The ACE Hotel

Opening in early 2022 is Sydney’s ACE Hotel. Primarily designed by Flack Studio, the hotel is founded and directed by Swinburne interior architecture alum David Flack. Escape Melbourne, experience the cinematic colour palette of Australia in your room and attend one of the many events being planned to highlight the most inspired culture in Australia.

Serotonin Eatery

Nothing says Melbournian freedom like an extravagant brunch - that’s where Burnley’s Serotonin Eatery comes in. Founder and owner of Serotonin Eatery, Exercise + Education is Swinburne interior architecture and communication design alum Emily Hazell, who has created a nourishing eatery, exercise centre and education platform to boost health and happiness.

Emily Hazell is the founder and owner of the health and happiness business Serotonin Eatery, Exercise + Education


Swinburne has extended its partnership with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and launched a new exhibition space called Swinburne Studio. It hosts diverse festivals and events highlighting culture, technology, innovation, digital culture and screen industries.

Swinburne partners with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) to showcase the amazing hybrid of technology and culture

Cupcake Central

Fuel up with a sweet treat from Cupcake Central, founded and directed by Bachelor of Business alum Thin Neu. With locations all around Melbourne including the CBD, there are a range of desserts to suit everyone’s tastes!

Cupcake Central can be found in various locations around Melbourne for the perfect sweet treat

Tiny Stays

If you’re looking to travel out of the city, look no further than Tiny Stays. This unique experience provides you with a tiny house including all the luxuries of a boutique hotel. Co-founder and Swinburne Certificate II in Plumbing alum Aimee Stanton is creating the opportunity for people to experience the beauty of nature while minimising their environmental impact. 

The tiny houses are placed in picturesque remote locations to help you get into nature, without compromising comfort

Tiny Stays houses are currently available in Heathcote, the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley

Hawthorn Hotel

Closer to home is Swinburne icon The Hawthorn Hotel. Swinburne partnered with The Australian Venue Co to revive and restore the pub to its former glory in mid-2021. The Hawthorn Hotel has had a facelift with new areas and updates while keeping its mouth-watering food and drink deals. 

The Hawthorn Hotel reopened in the middle of 2021 after renovations that level up the iconic pub


After all of that exploring, relax and recharge with a knit kit! Bachelor of Business alum Cat Bloxsom is the founder of high quality knits company Cardigang that gives you the tools you need to produce a knitted sweater you can be proud of. They also make great gifts!

Cardigang's knit kits include high quality products that produce fashionable staples to your winter wardrobe

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