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  • Bachelor of Media and Communications student, Matt Bolin, shares his ‘Aussie take’ on a classic fairy tale narrative
  • Matt’s animated short film has received eight awards, including international recognition in film festivals across the globe

Swinburne student filmmaker, Matt Bolin, has been adorned with international accolades and recognition for his short animation ‘The Adventures of Wolfdogg and the Three Pigs’.

Juggling three not-so-little hats as writer, director and cameo armchair narrator, Matt who is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Media and Communications, has blown down the house in this new genre of short film with his kooky Australian humour and vision.

Infused with Australian tongue-in-cheek banter, the film spins the tale into an adult comedy while still paying homage to the traditional childhood fairy tale narrative.

The eye-catching poster advert for Matt's film.

Reeling in the win

The short animation has been recognised with incredible success at international film festivals including the Accolade Global Film Festival, the Maryland Film Festival, the New York Film Festival and the South African Independent Film Festival.

Matt’s work has also received multiple international awards including winning silver at the International Independent Film Awards, and an additional three merit awards from Global ShortsBest ShortsHollywood Verge Film Festival and one honourable mention at the One-Reeler Short Film competition.

“It’s the greatest feeling knowing your work entertains viewers and makes them happy. To feel you have contributed to art and cinema is surreal,” shares Matt.

Influenced by fond childhood memories of the Looney Tunes and Nickelodeon, to admiring the works of more mature content including South Park, animation has consistently played a foundational role in inspiring the young filmmaker’s hunger to create his own.

Matt was supported in his studies at Swinburne by a network of staff and peers, including Senior Lecturer and Academic Director of International Partnerships, Dr Mark Finn, and Lecturer and Philosophy Course Convenor, Dr Glenn McLaren.

“They provided a great deal of knowledge to me in my academic journey and were a driving force behind my understanding of the world and the fundamentals of society.”

Animations ahead

Looking ahead for future projects, Matt is working towards further cementing his footprint in the film industry in Australia and internationally.

“Whether I succeed at it or not is something only time will tell but I’ll try my best at it never the less.”

Matt is currently working on another animated comedy short film, which will feature Swinburne peer John Astley, who also animated ‘The Adventures of Wolfdogg and the Three Pigs’. Matt shares that the project will be featuring two well-known Australian voice actors and the release date is yet to be determined.

“In the beginning people will always be sceptical about your dreams but if you are able to stick at it and create something that makes many people happy that’s the sweetest feeling of all.”

Matt's work, including ‘The Adventures of Wolfdogg and the Three Pigs’ can be found on his YouTube channel.

'The Adventures of Wolfdogg and the Three Pigs’ by Matt Bolin | Contains explicit language

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