In Summary

  • Bondi Labs is a digital start-up
  • They specialise in software, virtual reality and augmented reality products
  • They will partner with Swinburne to develop produts to meet global challenges

One of Australia’s most innovative digital start-ups, Bondi Labs, will be joining Swinburne’s Innovation Precinct in 2016. 

Embedded within Swinburne’s Digital Innovation Lab, it will focus on cutting-edge external commercial research and development using pioneering software, virtual reality and augmented reality products.  

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development), Professor Aleks Subic, says that Bondi Labs will allow Swinburne to expand its existing strength in the digital technology space. 

“Bondi Labs specialises in addressing global challenges and needs, with a particular focus on the health and environmental sector,” Professor Subic says. 

"We see this as a unique opportunity to further Swinburne's focus on digital innovation and translation through co-design of research-led digital products, in particular for the health, biotechnology and biosecurity sectors."

Founder of Bondi Labs, Jonathan Marshall, says that they are looking forward to partnering with Swinburne. 

“Bondi Labs was founded with the dream of making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and the planet by harnessing the tremendous creative imagination and passion of our greatest resource – people,” Mr Marshall says. 

“The vastly complex challenges facing the globe today require genuine collaboration based on complementary capabilities, shared values and an entrepreneurial culture that makes things happen. 

“It is a genuine privilege to partner with Swinburne to collectively build an innovation engine that will be truly world-class.”  

The Bondi Labs team will join Swinburne in October 2016. 


Professor Jugdutt (Jack) Singh, has been appointed Director of the Digital Innovation Lab at Swinburne.