In Summary

‌Swinburne University of Technology has formed a partnership with CareerLounge, a unique social media business networking platform, aimed at students aged 15 and older.

Founded by Swinburne alumnus John Edward Collins, CareerLounge is designed to connect students, educators and employers with ‌learning, earning and networking opportunities. CareerLounge functions much like other social networks. Users create profiles join communities.

Where CareerLounge differs is that users join communities based on industry or subject fields of interest, known as Villages. From here users are able to network with other users with similar interests, or working in the same industry, users are also able to apply for graduate opportunities and jobs.

Dominique Fisher, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of CareerLounge, said CareerLounge empowers students to make “informed choices about courses and subjects that helps lead to a fulfilling career from the day they graduate”.   

 “Students need to start thinking about who they want to work for from the first day of their enrolment, not the last day of the course. Which is why CareerLounge aims to provide students with relevant casual employment, industry experience and graduate employment opportunities, giving students the tools to kick-start their careers.”  Ms Fisher said.

Swinburne’s involvement with CareerLounge is as a Village Partner. Swinburne will post articles, videos and provide information on events, job opportunities, study courses, and information on industry sectors and market trends. 

Swinburne will be a significant partner in seven Villages, covering the fields of Design, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Life Sciences, Sciences, and Technology. These fields relate to Swinburne’s core educational values and fields of expertise.

Joining with CareerLounge was a “no brainer”, said Swinburne Vice President, Engagement Andrew C. Smith.

“CareerLounge’s innovative use of technology and their ambitious goal to be the ‘world’s first youth employment network’ are a great fit for Swinburne University as we build towards achieving our aim to be Australia’s leading university for science, technology and innovation.”

“Our partnership with CareerLounge provides an exciting opportunity for us to strengthen the link between students, employers and the University so that our graduates have great employment outcomes as they complete their studies,” Mr Smith said.


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